What are the Shipping Options your Store can Offer?

When you offer an online purchasing with your store, you also provide the shipping options for them to choose from. In a retail business, shipping is sometimes what makes or breaks the online purchase of a customer. If the customer finds it too costly, do not have their preferred carrier or it makes them feel inconvenient in some way, the potential customer will more likely leave their shopping cart alone instead of pursuing it. Besides, they can find something else anywhere that has better options and economical rates.

You do not want this to happen with your business, so you must make plans or implement ideas that will keep your customers and go through their shopping cart by implementing the most convenient shipping setting for them. You can find a lot of extensions and add-ons that expand the shipping options of your store. And these can go far beyond just adding a different carrier or changing to flat fees. When you use the Hermes Removals, you get to charge your customers more accurately, even split up the orders and then skip the whole shipping process.

Add-on shipping

When you open up a business today, usually you open up an eCommerce site. One of the most popular one is the WooCommerce, but you’ll find many other eCommerce solutions out there. At least all of them got the basic shipping offers already built in. However, not all of their shipping system is created the same. The basic shipping options may not be enough for you in the long run since you have to expect that it will grow in the following years.

Here is a variety of add-on solutions made available for you so that you can get to streamline almost every aspect of the shipping process. These include the following:

  • Third party sync – this sync up with the external provides that will manage the shipments, customer communication or returns
  • Process automation – these are extensions that will automatically handle the processes such as printing labels, email notifications, drop shipment notifications and much more
  • Shipping providers – these are plugins coming from the local providers, which also includes real time calculation of rates based on the customer location and estimated weight

You can utilize the add-on in automating the aspects of the process and eventually free up the time for you when managing your business. However, this will all depend on the shipping options that you wish to provide for your store and the time available for you. When you are able to manage your business well with these add-ons, you get to have more time focusing on how you can grow up your inventory or even focus on marketing your brand rather than having most of your time packing up boxes or printing the labels.

It is important that you invest in additional shipping solutions since you want to offer more shipping options that will make it more convenient for your customers. When you can’t offer a variety of shipping options, it will spell disaster for your business.

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