Hospital Home Services and Discharge Planning

Being admitted in a hospital can be stressful because you are not the only patient that the health team is provided with care. However, that doesn’t mean full medical treatment is not given by doctors and nurses. But this opts for you to consider a hospital to home especially if the patient needs ample time to recover in a healthier environment. Choosing for the right hospital home needs a decision in terms of excellence and quality patient care services. You can also check or more information.

The transition from illness to recovery is important to achieve. This is why, a discharge planning must be thoroughly discussed by the health care provider, patient and family. This is one way of putting awareness to the patient and family as to the kind of medical treatment to be rendered. Mind you, both hospital setting and home services do have common ground in terms of patient care. The aim is to make sure that the patient’s recovery phase is measured according to the plan discussed.

What is a discharge planning?

This involves the decision with regards to rendering patient care beyond hospital set up. Discharge planning is necessary for every hospital to home because this will be the basis in providing care and to assess whether the plan of care able to achieve an optimal level of wellness and recovery. The importance of having a discharge plan creates a big impact towards the well being of a patient under the care of a health team including caregivers.

As mentioned, the involvement of hospital home services should be decided by the patient and family. If the patient is in critical condition, decision must be made by the immediate member of the family. However, if the patient is oriented and has a good sound judgment can give his opinion about the discharge plan of care.

Basics of a discharge plan for hospital home services

In general, the discharge plan is base according to the following.

Evaluation- the patient is assessed and evaluated only by a qualified caregiver


Planning- it is important to plan the entire process of discharge not only the provision of care but also the transfer from the hospital setting to a hospital home care services.

Determining- if the patient needs more time to heal and the support of a caregiver is necessary then this should be implemented. However, if patient can perform task with minimal supervision is still necessary.

Referrals- if you are looking for a hospital home agency that have an organization that supports the family.

Arrangement- for every discharge planning, outcome is assessed and evaluated to determine if patient is a success or it needs further time of patient recovery. There will be a series of test work up to assure the patient’s condition as well.

Therefore, a hospital home must have a discharge planning to make sure that the health condition of the patient is leaning towards improvement and maintenance of patient care. Both of these guarantees to achieve an optimal level of wellness for the patient to fully recover.

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